Liberals Cheer after 4 Years of Tears but Target Audience Doesn’t Show


In any team situation, which unfortunately our political climate has become, there is a standard amount of trash talking from both sides.

Currently, #NotMyPresident is ‘trending’ on Twitter with only 36.2K tweets at the time of this writing. There have been no reported protests, violence, and tremendous outrage from Republicans.

The hilarity is, Republicans went to work today. They have yet to report their crying or requiring of safe spaces, coloring books, and need for emotional support animals.

What is even more ridiculous is quite a large portion of the #NotMyPresident tweets are from liberals projecting their own emotive outbursts from 4 years ago.

Please, guys, it’s ok. You won, but this isn’t the last ‘game’ to ever be played. You can have this one. So maybe, you should focus on your ‘day’ and stop focusing on the side that isn’t busy “Resisting” and emotionally vomiting in the streets on every channel.

Check out some of the tweets causing the #NotMyPresident tweets to trend: