Likes on “X,” Formerly Known as Twitter, Now Private


Since its inception in 2006, X has been an increasingly relevant player in the social media scene. Today, people around the world rely on the platform to connect with friends, share the news, follow their favorite influencers, and more.

In late 2022, Elon Musk went on to purchase the site that’s now known as “X.” Musk vowed to make the platform all about free speech; though under his management, X has undergone significant changes.

For starters, many staffers who previously worked for the company have since been let go. On top of that, the platform recently announced it would allow “consensual” pornographic content to be posted.

As of today, the content that people like on X will no longer be public.

What to know about the latest change on X

For the past 18 years, the lists of posts that X users like on the platform have been public. This means other individuals on the website can go to a person’s profile and see the type of content they’re giving hearts to.

That’s no longer the case. People can still observe their own likes; though when someone likes their content, they won’t be able to click on the “likes” button and see the list of users.