Mark Cuban Just Sold a Company for Billions Of Dollars, But Still Traveled on a Southwest Flight

Mark Cuban by Getty Images
Mark Cuban by Getty Images

Selling a company for billions of dollars didn’t have an impact Mark Cuban’s life. In fact, the “Shark Tank” star found traveled in the middle seat of an airplane on his way to Las Vegas to celebrate the deal.

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“When I sold my company for billions of dollars, to go and celebrate, I was on a Southwest flight,” Cuban told ABC News earlier this year. “I was in the center seat facing the wrong way on the plane thinking, ‘This is just perfect.’”

In 1999, Cuban and his co-founders sold their company to Yahoo for $5.7 billion in stock. However, that didn’t stop the billionaire from living a frugal lifestyle. 

“The wisest advice I ever got was ‘live like a student,’” Cuban said. “That served me a long, long time.”

That meant continuing to live a low-key lifestyle, which “took away a lot” of risk and uncertainty in his financial life. In an email to CNBC Make It, Cuban confirmed that he “didn’t change much after selling my first company” — keeping the same car, house and even furniture.