Most Independent Voters Don’t Approve of Joe Biden


Since Joe Biden’s duration as president, his poll numbers have endured tremendous suffering. A huge part of this boils down to how Biden’s chosen to lead, the consequences of his policies, and more.

To date, the current president carries some of the worst approval ratings on the economy. Between inflation, rising food costs, and gas prices that are nearing $10.00 per gallon in certain areas of the nation, the economy is eating Americans alive.

Meanwhile, Biden continue to reject policies that would bring even moderate levels of relief to the American people.

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As all this plays out, a new poll confirms the president’s approval ratings amongst Independent voters remain staggeringly low.

What Independents really think of Biden

In a fresh poll by Civiqs, the president’s approval rating with Independent voters shook out to just 22%. At the same time, 65% of Independents in this country do not approve of Biden.

The Independent vote played a role in the president getting into office; although clearly, he’s let down this key voter bloc. This could very well come back to bite both Biden and the Democrat Party during November’s midterm elections.

A further breakdown of Independent voters’ assessments of Biden at the state level brings even worse news for Democrats.

In swing states like Ohio, North Carolina, and Georgia, Independents disapprove of the president at rates of 70%, 62%, and 60%. Similar disapproval ratings for Biden exist in additional swing states that will determine the outcomes of House and Senate elections.

Very clear writing on the wall

At the national level, Civiqs listed Biden’s overall approval rating amongst voters at 34%. Meanwhile, a staggering 55% of the American public does not approve of the current job the president is doing.

People who have grievances with Biden aren’t going to be too keen on electing or re-electing his allies into Congress. It is a known fact that if Democrats hold the House and Senate after November, they will largely vote in lockstep with Biden’s agenda.

This would ultimately lead to more of the same for the American public.

Judging from polling tracking the midterms (that shows Republicans in the lead), voters have determined the status quo under Biden isn’t something they can afford.