New Poll Reveals Unpopularity of Political Correctness


Political correctness remains an issue of debate. Some people believe that political correctness is appropriate for the sake of not offending others or hurting feelings; meanwhile, there are different folks who oppose political correctness, arguing that it’s censorship and harmful to society.

In today’s climate, the political left has largely embraced political correctness. Meanwhile, the right-wing remains largely against it. This comes as no shock; the divides and tensions between the left and the right have deepened and reached unheard of levels over the past 18 months.

Now, a recent Rasmussen Reports poll shows that across the nation, political correctness is collectively unpopular.

What do Americans really think about political correctness?

Earlier this month, Rasmussen Reports revealed that 65% of the country views political correctness as problematic; by contrast, only 22% of Americans stated otherwise. There also remains a strong belief that political correctness ultimately imperils free speech rights.