North Korea Is Now A State Sponsor Of Terror


Recent reports from Fox News state that President Trump has officially declared North Korea as a state sponsor of terror.

A State Sponsor of Terror

Earlier today, President Trump gave a public statement declaring North Korea as a state sponsor of terror.

Excerpts read as follows:

We will be instituting a very critical step. Today, the U.S. is designating North Korea as a state sponsor of terrorism. [This] should have happened a long time ago — should have happened years ago.

North Korea has repeatedly supported acts of international terrorism including assassinations on foreign soil. This designation will impose further sanctions and penalties on North Korea and related persons.

Additional Details

The aforementioned declaration comes after months of North Korea threatening America (and other nations) with nuclear destruction. Furthermore, during President Trump’s remarks, he mentioned Otto Warmbier, a U.S. college student, who died days after returning from imprisonment in North Korea.

As a result of North Korea’s latest standing with America, they will now face extreme sanctions. This includes reduction of American foreign defense, a halt on sales and exports, and regulations regarding finances and more.

President Trump has moreover repeatedly warned North Korea to cease threats, yet the latter has chosen not to.