Opinion: Americans Don’t Need New Stimulus Checks


The United States is presently multiple trillions of dollars in debt. With each passing second, the interest on the debt accumulates…and yet, the government continues to spend money like it’s nothing.

Just like shutdowns, national debt only serves to bog down the economy, both in the short term and the long term. Americans also need to understand that stimulus checks are not free money; neither are unemployment benefits.

All of these handouts are taxable; folks who have received COVID-19 stimulus payments or unemployment benefits this year shouldn’t be surprised at the 2021 tax bill that’s going to be waiting for them.

The best stimulus plan for America

Reopening the economy is the only serious and feasible stimulus plan. Allowing businesses to thrive, serve their communities, and employ individuals is the truest and purest form of COVID-19 relief.

Americans have to get real and be honest with themselves. Endless government handouts are not feasible. The government is the problem, not the solution. Shutdowns got this country into the current economic mess; therefore, only after all shutdowns are reversed can the U.S. economy begin to heal.