Why Were People Protesting Free Speech In Boston?


With every passing day, the [Alt] Left becomes more and more radically unhinged. Yesterday, they took to the streets in Boston to protest against a free speech event, as reported by The Atlantic.

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The Irony

The most ironic factor of the Alt Left protesting against free speech is that free speech grants them the rights to protest against it. However, in the minds of the protesters, free speech engendered the horrific events in Charlottesville. Additionally, advocates and opposers of free speech need to understand a few things.

First and foremost, the existence of free speech does not absolve anyone of criticism or social consequences. This means that if your employer sees you holding a lit torch and chanting “Jews will not replace us” at a KKK rally, you could get fired. However, being against hatred is not a reason to oppose all free speech. The opposition of free speech is an incredibly dangerous slippery slope. Furthermore, who decides what speech is “hateful” or free? Technically, any statement that people disagree might be “hate speech.”

The Importance of the First Amendment

One of the greatest tragedies of the Boston protesters is their flagrant ignorance. For starters, they have no understanding of why the first amendment is so meaningful. Censoring controversial, or even hateful, speech is not the answer. Also, living in a society where the government has the power to determine what people can say or not is dangerous. The exchange of ideas generates growth, conversation, and value. To place a halt on free speech because of a small group of extremists is silly and unacceptable.