Putin taps retired obese Russian general for Ukraine after heavy losses


President Vladimir Putin is pulling retired officers out of retirement to fight in Ukraine. Late last week he called up 67-year-old Russian General Pavel to oversee Special Forces.

Army Gen. Alexander Dvornikov, the Butcher of Syria is now the top commander in Ukraine.  While Dvornikov was serving as the commander of Russia’s Southern Military District in Syria he worked with Pavel. 

US intelligence sources claim that Putin is desperate due to the unprecedented losses of high-ranking officers in Russia’s faltering invasion of Ukraine. 

Over 10 Russian generals have been killed so far in combat in Ukraine. And it is estimated that at least 30 of the most senior officers have been lost.

“Putin is now scraping the barrel,” according to the intel expert.

“Most of his best and battle-hardened senior commanders have been killed or injured fighting in Ukraine so he is resorting to sending second-rate officers to the front who don’t last very long.”

“He is now dragging generals out of retirement and one of those is General Pavel.”