Putin threatens as Sweden and Finland move closer to NATO membership


The two neighboring countries have close economic, political, and military ties. And both will make independent decisions regarding their revised security policies, including whether to join NATO.

Sweden and Finland alliance

The two Scandinavian countries held a joint press conference in Stockholm on Wednesday. They discussed future security arrangements. And both countries are condemning Putin’s war with Ukraine and the humanitarian crisis it has created.

The Russian invasion is having an impact on Sweden and Finland. And both countries are reevaluating supply chain threats, economic effects, cybersecurity, and the new threat of Russian invasion.

Sweden’s prime minister Magdalena Andersson has had a series of talks with Western foreign ministers that are in the 30-member alliance. 

Andersson said the Swedish government is working on a security environment analysis with input from the 349-seat Riksdag legislature. Andersson, who belongs to the Social Democratic Party, says it is doing a separate review of the Russian threat.

Historic Announcements in Stockholm

Shortly after Russia began its assault on Ukraine the Swedish prime minister said, “I do not exclude NATO membership in any way.”