Revolutionary Alzheimer’s Drug, Donanemab, Shows Promise in Slowing Disease Progression


In a groundbreaking development, Eli Lilly, a US-based pharmaceutical company, has released the final results of trials on donanemab, a revolutionary Alzheimer’s drug. It works as an infusion that aids the brain in clearing out sticky amyloid plaques impeding cell communication. 

This wonder drug has the potential to slow the progression of Alzheimer’s disease by up to 60 percent, raising hopes that dementia could become as treatable as common conditions like diabetes or asthma.

Donanemab postpones the worsening of clinical symptoms and enables patients to maintain their daily activities for an extended period. Tasks such as shopping, housekeeping, managing finances, and taking medication become more manageable for those undergoing this treatment. 

 With over 6 million Americans living with Alzheimer’s disease, the impact of these treatments on individuals’ lives cannot be overstated. In the UK, an estimated 944,000 people are living with dementia, with the majority affected by Alzheimer’s.