SCOTUSblog’s Transformation: An Interview with Co-Founder Tom Goldstein

SCOTUSblog co-founder Tom Goldstein interview

Washington, D.C. – Earlier this month, Tom Goldstein, co-founder of the celebrated SCOTUSblog, unveiled a “new look” for the premier source of U.S. Supreme Court insights. However, this bold step sparked a flurry of reactions from peers and legal enthusiasts, with some suggesting it signaled the demise of a revered institution. In an exclusive interview, Goldstein opens up about his career transition, the transformation of SCOTUSblog, and the concerns surrounding its future.

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A Monumental Change

Tom Goldstein, a pioneer in the legal world and a seasoned Supreme Court litigator, and his wife, former Supreme Court litigator Amy Howe, breathed life into SCOTUSblog in 2002. Over the years, it gained immense respect and adoration for its exhaustive coverage and nail-biting live blogging during the release of the Supreme Court’s most eagerly awaited opinions.

The recent outpouring of grief, to some extent, stems from the reverence the legal community holds for SCOTUSblog. Comments like “SCOTUSblog slowly dying away,” “a real loss,” and “a slow farewell to a venerable institution” reflect the deep connection people have with this platform.

A Bold Rollback

On October 2, Goldstein published a blog post titled “New term, new look,” which signaled a substantial shift in SCOTUSblog’s direction. Goldstein revealed that the blog would now be managed by a smaller team, with no full coverage of every merits case. He also mentioned a scaling back of statistical coverage and the indefinite hiatus of a related podcast. Instead, readers were encouraged to “follow us on TikTok.”