Steve Aoki Made More Money Selling NFTs Compared To His Music Royalties

Steve Aoki
Steve Aoki

Steve Aoki said royalties from his music in the past decade don’t even compare to the money he made from selling digital collectibles known as nonfungible tokens (NFTs).

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Aoki, a musician and one of the highest-paid DJs globally spoke about his involvement in the digital space at a private Gala Music event on February 10 in Inglewood, California, according to a report by Decrypt. In the event, Aoki said that his performance as a DJ makes up the majority of his earnings. But, music royalties from his recording don’t  “amount to very much.” 

“If I was to really break down, OK in the 10 years I’ve been making music, six albums, and you culminate all those advances, what I did in one drop last year in NFTs I made more money,” he said. 

Meanwhile, in the NFT space, Aoki is famous for selling his “hairy” collectibles for  $888,888.88 on Nifty Gateway last year — one of the most expensive digital pieces of art sold to date. He also owns several NFTs from the iconic Bored Ape Yacht Club collection, Decrypt reported.