Surface2Surface is on Discovery Channel


The Kimberlin Bros” (as they are known), transform the floors into virtual works of art on each of the episodes and are gaining national recognition for their brilliant designs and virtually flawless delivery. Garage Rehab is sure to be around for a long time and as it grows in popularity, the amazing flooring designs and related products installed by Surface2Surface are sure to continue being a major and exciting part of the weekly reveal. 

Surface2Surface is a nationwide provider of Overlay Technologies diversified concrete resurfacing & Epoxy flooring systems. Featuring the world’s greatest 3/8″ High-Definition Stamped Concrete overlay system which amazingly can be applied over any existing stable surface.

Surface2Surface also provides products offered by Concrete Solutions (a Rhino Linings company) which are featured on Season 1 of “Garage Rehab”.

“Providing premium high-end architectural flooring design options at an affordable price is our goal” says Keith Kimberlin (President of S2S), “all that, while saving our customers up to 70% off the cost of typical traditional flooring options is pretty exciting stuff.”

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Keith Kimberlin
Keith Kimberlin has been in the Architectural and Decorative concrete industry for 20 years and is the President of Surface2Surface. During his tenure, Keith has developed products and proprietary techniques for the decorative concrete industry and is recognized by his peers as a leader in custom polymer modified stamped overlay technology and is an expert in a wide variety of decorative concrete products including epoxies, hybrid-metalic coatings and Polyaspartic urethane. Keith’s Proprietary polymer modified concrete overlay system will be sold nationwide and is expected to do well in the decorative concrete industry. Specialties: Decorative concrete products developer, Quality Technology, IPMM, Architectural Concrete Technology and techniques, Architectural concrete products manufacturer, Decorative concrete consultant and trainer, process management specialist.