Trump Doubts Pelosi Will See Impeachment Through


In September, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced the launch of an impeachment inquiry into President Trump. Since then, multiple individuals have appeared before Congress and testified.

Pelosi and the Democrats are using President Trump’s July phone call with Ukraine leader Zelensky as the basis of their inquiry; moreover, they’re also considering claims from a whistleblower who accused the president of a quid-pro-quo with Zelensky.

Both Trump and Zelensky have denied the occurrence of any quid-pro-quo. What’s more is that the whistleblower was not privy to the phone call between the two world leaders.

At this point in the impeachment proceedings, both President Trump and other conservatives have doubts that Pelosi will truly see impeachment all the way through.

Reviewing the Skepticism Surrounding Pelosi and Impeachment

During a recent interview with Fox & Friends, President Trump declared that Pelosi and the Democrats “have absolutely nothing.” Therefore, the president explained he doesn’t truly expect the Democrats to go through with it.