Virginia Court Rejects Appeal in Zwerner Case In $40 Million Lawsuit


Former Richneck Elementary School teacher Abby Zwerner’s $40 million lawsuit against the Newport News School Board will proceed to trial as scheduled, following the Virginia Court of Appeals’ decision to decline hearing an appeal in the case. The ruling marks a significant development in Zwerner’s legal battle after she was shot by a student in her classroom.

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Appeals Court Declines to Intervene

In a pivotal decision, the Virginia Court of Appeals rejected the Newport News School Board’s appeal, which sought to halt Zwerner’s lawsuit before it reached trial. The court’s refusal to hear the appeal allows the case to move forward, affirming Zwerner’s pursuit of justice.

The journey to trial has been arduous for Zwerner, spanning over a year since the tragic incident at Richneck Elementary School. Despite challenges from the school board, Judge Matthew Hoffman’s decision in November paved the way for the case to proceed to trial, denying the board’s argument that Zwerner’s only recourse was through a workers’ compensation claim.