White House, President Trump Double Down on MS-13 Gang Remarks


(This report is a follow up to yesterday’s remarks made by President Trump regarding illegal MS-13 gangs in America.)

Earlier today, the White House and President Trump strengthened the latter’s most recent remarks regarding gang members who illegally enter the United States, according to The Hill.

An Overview of Latest Rhetoric Regarding MS-13 Gangs

On Wednesday, President Trump raised many eyebrows when he referred to violent, illegal gang members as “animals.” Since the aforementioned statements, many top Democrats and other Trump critics have condemned the President.

His remarks moreover surfaced during today’s White House press briefing. When asked about the “animals” commentary, press secretary Sarah Sanders delivered the following response:

If the media and liberals want to defend MS-13, they’re more than welcome to. Frankly, I don’t think the term the President used is strong enough. The term ‘animal’ doesn’t go far enough.

Shortly thereafter, the White House press secretary listed a series of heinous acts committed by members of MS-13 gangs. These acts include, but are not limited to, beatings, murders, rapes, and even decapitation.

Finally, when reporters asked President Trump about his earlier statements, he doubled down, affirming their factuality:

I’m referring — and you know I’m referring — to the MS-13 gangs that are coming in. I was talking about the MS-13. If you look a little bit further on in the tape you’ll see that. So I’m actually surprised that you’re asking this question ’cause most people got it right.

Controversies Surrounding “Animals” Remark and MS-13

The majority of President Trump’s remarks turn out to be controversial in one form or another. Some Americans have attributed this dichotomy to the inherently divisive political climate. Others have faulted extreme criticism of the President; many Trump supporters have referred to this as ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome.’

Many conservatives and Trump supporters are also pushing back against Americans who censured the President’s aforesaid comments. Others have questioned whether the media dislikes the President more than they dislike the crimes committed by MS-13 gang members.

Most critics who disliked the “animals” remark maintain left-wing ideologies. The majority of conservatives and other right-wingers supported President Trump’s statements.