Amazon settles California lawsuit over its inadequate COVID-19 notifications


Additionally, the e-commerce giant allegedly failed to fully inform workers about the benefits available to them under local, state, and federal laws if they are exposed to COVID-19. Some of these benefits include g COVID-19-related leave, company sick leave, state-mandated leave, or supplemental sick leave; and anti-retaliation and anti-discrimination protections.

Furthermore, Attorney General Bonta asserted that Amazon failed to provide more details about its disinfection and safety plan and its implementation.

Details of the settlement agreement

The Attorney General’s office and Amazon agreed to the entry and enforcement of the final judgment to resolve the state’s complaint. The e-commerce giant did not admit any liability regarding the allegations of its violations.

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Under the settlement agreement, Amazon agreed to update its COVID-19 notification policies and implement specific actions to help protect workers.

The e-commerce giant also agreed to pay $500,000 toward the enforcement of California consumer protection laws. It also agreed to submit itself to monitoring by the Attorney General’s Office regarding its COVID-19 notifications.