Ben Shapiro and Rosie O’Donnell Exchange Verbal Blows


Finally, the conservative commentator concluded the exchange with the hereinafter tweets:

How Did America Respond to the Shapiro vs. O’Donnell Spat?

O’Donnell’s offers to bribe Senators Flake and Collins have attracted very strong criticism on multiple accounts. While critics noted the obvious breach of American law, they also affirmed that Republicans’ Tax Cuts and Jobs Act will help middle income Americans. Democrats have repeatedly slammed the aforesaid tax bill as merely more tax breaks for wealthy Americans and big corporations. However, conservatives maintain that their legislation is geared towards aiding the middle class.

The aforementioned exchange is not the first time O’Donnell has feuded with right wing public figures. Most of America is aware of her previous, infamous quarrel with Donald Trump, prior to his election. However, this latest stunt has prompted Americans to opine their viewpoints, particularly in the comments section of The Daily Wire’s report: