Biden Faces Bipartisan Backlash for Decision to Keep Space Command in Colorado 


President Biden has decided to cancel the planned relocation of the U.S. Space Command Headquarters from Colorado to Alabama. This decision has sparked fierce bipartisan backlash.

Even some of his staunchest allies, including Rep. Terri Sewell of Alabama, have sharply criticized the decision, calling it “shameful” and accusing the administration of bowing to political pressures over merit.

“This Administration’s decision to keep Space Command in Colorado bows to the whims of politics over merit. Huntsville’s merits won this selection process fair and square,” Representative Sewell emphasized.

 “In three separate reports, Huntsville reigned victorious, whereas Colorado did not come in second or even third.” 

“This reversal is as shameful, as it is disappointing. I expected more from the Biden Administration. A decision of this magnitude should not be about red states versus blue states, but rather what is best for our national security. To be clear, the Alabama Congressional Delegation stands united in opposition to this decision,” she added.