Biden Looking to Shut Down Access to Monoclonal Antibodies


The coronavirus vaccine remains pushed and promoted to no end. At least thousands of workers across the nation are losing their jobs due to not adhering to coronavirus vaccine mandates.

The COVID vaccine will not wrap up its clinical trial phase until 2023; however, this hasn’t stopped the president and various employers from mandating the vaccine as a condition for work. Many workers are standing up, saying no, and now protesting accordingly.

Despite what some folks would have Americans believe, COVID vaccines are not the only means of defense against this virus. There’s natural immunity which isn’t nearly talked about as often as it should be.

Furthermore, there are monoclonal antibodies, a proven form of treatment against COVID that President Biden wants shut down, due to his worries more people will turn to this, rather than COVID vaccines.

Biden and monoclonal antibody treatments against COVID

The state of Florida truly led the way with monoclonal antibodies. This form of treatment has helped countless people ward off coronavirus; Florida even went as far as getting various monoclonal antibody facilities set up throughout the state.