Biden to Voters: Imagine if Obama Were Assassinated in 2008!


When speaking about a 1970 event involving the killing of children at Kent State at the hands of the National Guard, Biden claimed that 40 kids died. In actuality, four children died.

Finally, when regarding healthcare, Biden stated that under his plan, premiums will “increase” for middle America. Now, the frontrunner presumably meant to say “decrease,” but the admission of Americans paying more for Biden’s healthcare was perhaps a Freudian slip. Biden moreover alleged that “we’ll make sure [healthcare] is not quality; we’ll make sure it’s only affordable.” Again, this could simply be another Freudian slip.

Concerns Amongst the Democrat Party

Many Democrats have very real concerns about how Biden would fare as a nominee in 2020. Biden, nor those in his camp, have really engaged in actions to put these concerns at ease.

Earlier this week, Jill Biden stated that Americans should simply “swallow a little bit” and get behind her husband; she made these remarks while noting that other candidates are perhaps better on policy issues.