Big Win for Restaurant Industry on Super Bowl Sunday


Americans consumed 12.5 million pizzas, ate 1.33 billion chicken wings and drank 3.25 million gallons of beer during the Super Bowl. They also spent an average of $81.30 per person during the game. While Super Bowl Sunday was a big win for the food energy, electric providers were the losers.

$81.30 Average Spending

The National Retail Federation conducted a survey of 7,384 adults over the age of 18 from January 3, 2019, to January 9, 2019. They asked questions pertinent to people’s expected spending habits in the days leading up to Super Bowl 2019. The survey found that most people expected to spend about $81.30 on the game pitting the Los Angels Rams against the New England Patriots.

Northeast Tops Spending

The biggest spenders will be in the Northeast where adults expect to spend an average of $94.89. Those along the Pacific Coast expected to spend an average of $84.01. Spending in the South is expected to reach an average of $79.09 while those in the Midwest are expected to spend only $69.24.

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12.5 Million Pizzas

Regardless of rather the Rams or the Patriots come out on top, the restaurant industry is likely to be a big Super Bowl winner. It is expected that Americans will order 12.5 million pizzas during the game. If you laid those pizzas side-by-side, they would reach over 2,367 miles or just about 400 miles short of reaching clear across the United States east-to-west. Largest Tipping Day of the Year Orders for pizza and wings started increasing about seven hours before the Sunday kickoff. The busiest time is exactly one hour before kickoff. Domino’s expects to sell over 11 million slices of pizza on Super Bowl Sundays. Their delivery drivers and those for other companies, however, do not mind as it is traditionally the highest tipping day of the year, according to America Pizza Community.

1.33 Billion Chicken Wings

Wings will be another popular game-day choice. Americans are expected to 1.33 billion chicken wings on game day. In 2018, Buffalo Wild Wings sold more than 14 million traditional and boneless wings to fans of the game. They have announced that they expect to sell about the same amount this year.

3.25 Million Gallons of Beer

Another big winner on Super Bowl Sunday is the beer industry. Americans will consume over 325 million gallons of beer. Budweiser certainly hopes to promote Americans thirst as they bought a record amount of game advertising at 6.5 minutes.

Electric Usage

One segment of the economy that does not benefit from Super Bowl Sunday is power companies. Industry experts say that you can see what is happening during the game just by watching electric usage charts. There is a spike before the game. Then, usage drops as Americans collectively watch the game. There are smaller spikes during commercials with a large spike at halftime. If the game stays close as this year’s Super Bowl is, then fans remain in their seats for the entire game before electric usage goes back to normal.