Billions Were Spent Over the Holiday Weekend

Americans record breaking amounts of money online this month

November is breaking records left and right as shopping for the Holiday season kicked into full gear this month. Adobe Analytics has released their data on the amount of  money Americans spent online during Cyber Monday, Black Friday, Thanksgiving Day, and every other day of the month. From November 1st to through the 26th, American shoppers spent (on average) more than 2 billion dollars each day. The total comes out to nearly 59 billions dollars. And that large number is just from online sales. So far that a is a 19.9 percent increase in online sales from this time last year. With a handful of days still left in the month, chances are high all of these numbers will increase.

When it comes to the individual shopping days like Black Friday and Cyber Monday, those numbers also increased year-over-year. In a press release from adobe they said Cyber Monday set a record in American history.

“Cyber Monday sales topped $7.9 billion according to Adobe Analytics data, making it the single largest shopping day in U.S. history,” said John Copeland, head of Marketing and Customer Insights at Adobe.