Border Patrol Arrests Over 400 Migrants within Five Minutes at Southern Border


The latest series of arrests come as debates about the management of the Southern border remain ongoing.

Problems at the Southern Border

At this point in American history, immigration serves as a very hot button issue. There are many people in this country who share different outlooks on immigration laws and the appropriate manner of enforcing them.

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Generally, left-wingers are likelier to favor more lax enforcement of immigration laws. Democrats also tend to support allowing illegal immigrants to remain in America, despite them breaking the laws.

Conversely, Republicans and the right-wing are considerably less sympathetic towards illegal immigration. Americans who lean right overwhelmingly maintain that following the immigration laws is paramount. Furthermore, support of legal and merit-based immigration is a typical conservative position.

The National Emergency at the Southern Border

Last month, President Trump declared a national emergency at the Southern border. This declaration occurred after a longstanding impasse with Democrats who refused to provide funding for Trump’s promised border wall. Congressional Democrats attempted to pass a resolution to override the president’s national emergency declaration, however, Trump promptly vetoed it.