BREAKING: Dan Bilzerian expects 2021 to be an ‘exciting year’ for Ignite

Dan Bilzerian - ZUFFA LLC

Ignite International Ltd. CEO Dan Bilzerian said that he expects 2021 to be an “exciting year for the company” following months of persistent rumors that the ailing CBD company was poised for bankruptcy.

It was also alleged by former Ignite President Curtis Heffernan that Bilzerian’s lifestyle was an illusion that had been wholly rented and put on the company’s credit card. Coinciding with these allegations were reports that the company was rife with untold debts generated by Bilzerian’s lavish lifestyle.

At one point, it appeared that Ignite was being run by Paul Bilzerian, a convicted felon who reportedly still owes the U.S. government a significant slice of his fortune after being charged for insider trading. That said, appearances can be deceiving.

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Ignite implemented major restructuring, receive capita infusion from Bilzerian

Suddenly in October, Bilzerian announced that he would be stepping in and acquiring $25 million worth of Ignite shares in order to save the firm from bankruptcy. At one point Bilzerian took to Twitter to call out reporters who claimed he not only lacked the cash but also that his company was an utter failure.