Canadian wildfires smoke spews a hazardous haze on the US


Over the past six weeks, massive Canadian wildfires have spread nationwide. This has caused mass evacuations and burning through more than 81 million acres of land. This is an area larger than the state of Maryland.

Canadian officials requested additional assistance from other countries in combating the more than 400 blazes that have ravaged the country. These fires have already displaced over 20,000 people. And communities are devastated in their wake.

While the Canadian wildfire season typically runs from May through October, there has never been so much destruction. And it appears that Canada is in the midst of the most devastating wildfire season on record. 

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At this point, the Canadian crisis has become an American crisis.

Smoke from the wildfires has extended across a significant portion of the United States. And social media is filled with images of the orange haze.

Brenda Kitchner a resident of New Milford, Pennsylvania said “It’s one of the strangest things. The sun looks like a red spot and the air is orange. It’s surreal. And you can smell the fire in the atmosphere.”