Coinbase Explains after Sending Erroneous Notification to Its Customers


The company sent the security settings email to customers at 1:45 p.m. PT Friday. It said: “Your 2-step verification settings have been changed.” This prompted confusion and alarm among investors who thought their accounts had been hacked.

Coinbase then sent a second email that the notification was “sent in error.” The company said in a tweet it “experienced a notification delivery issue that sent SMS text messages and email notifications alerting customers that their account 2FA settings were changed.”
“Our team immediately began work to identify the issue and stop these erroneous notifications. We were able to stop these erroneous notifications by 3:07 pm PST. However, we recognize that this caused confusion for some,” the tweet said.

Customers were terrified after the SMS

The company said, “we will continue to work to gain back the trust of every one of our customers who was impacted by those notifications.”

Schmitt, the company spokesperson said: “All of a sudden, the system just started sending stuff like a bug in the system, but it was not a malicious or third party error.”