Court Shuts Down An International Psychic Mail Fraud Scheme


The DOJ also alleged that the solicitations contained false and misleading statements that its recipients would have a good fortrune in exchange for a small fee, typically $45 or $50. The defendants through their solitations gave recipients the false impression that an imminent financial gain is coming to them through an inheritance, lottery or other game of chance.

Furthermore, the Justice Department alleged that the defendants obtained millions of dollars from tens of thousands of victims, primarily the elderly. Victims sent the defendants more than 34,000 payments totaling over $1.4 million from March 2017 to June 2018 alone. These victims did not received the promised good fortune.

DOJ will continue to investigate and prosecute fraudsters

In a statement, DOJ’s Civil Division Acting Assiatnd Attorney general Brian Boynton said, “Individuals who perpetrate fraud schemes like those at issue here must be held accountable.” He added that his division “will continue to investigate and bring cases to stop mass mailing fraud when it arises.”