Crypto Scammers and Thieves Took $14 Billion in 2021 Alone


Scammers were able to amass an astonishing $14 billion in cryptocurrencies in 2021 alone. The Decentralized Finance (DeFi) platforms were the hackers’ favorite exploitation spots, according to data from blockchain analytics firm Chainalysis. Crypto-related crime losses rose 79% higher compared to 2020, driven mainly by a surge in scams.

Scamming was one of the hottest trends in cryptocurrency-based crime in 2021. Theft came in second place — most of these were coming from hacking crypto businesses. According to the analysis firm, DeFi is taking a large space when it comes to theft and crypto scams.

“DeFi is one of the most exciting areas of the wider cryptocurrency ecosystem, presenting huge opportunities to entrepreneurs and cryptocurrency users alike,” Chainalysis wrote in its annual Crypto Crime report.

“But DeFi is unlikely to realize its full potential if the same decentralization that makes it so dynamic also allows for widespread scamming and theft.”

DeFi is the new buzzword of 2021. However, the rapidly growing sector of blockchain technology has resulted in major losses to crypto traders, investors, and businesses. The project revolves around cutting out middlemen in transactions — such as banks for example.