DNC Takes Initial Measures In Downsizing Convention, Which Is In-Person

Tom Perez is the chair of the Democratic National Committee, whose 2020 nominating convention has been downsized due to COVID-19. (photo credit: DNC)

The Democratic National Committee on Tuesday took initial measures in downsizing its 2020 nominating convention or putting some of it on the Internet because of continual worries regarding the expansion of COVID-19, The Hill reported.

The Rules and Bylaws Committee of the DNC authorized a decision providing new capacity to the party’s preparation chamber for the convention to “make the necessary changes to the format, size, date or other aspects in order to conduct a safe convention.”

Delegates at the convention will be permitted to take part either “in person or by means that allow for appropriate social distancing,” the resolution says. The chamber for the convention has been provided wide latitude on everything from “adjusting the convention format to dealing with crowd size.”

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The convention is in Milwaukee, Wisc. Joe Biden is expected to be nominated as the party’s candidate for president. On Aug. 17, it’s set to start.

The convention was initially planned to occur in July but was rescheduled because of COVID-19.

The resolution admits that both Illinois and Wisconsin are privy to stay-at-home orders that “may prevent Convention delegates, personnel, invitees, and contractors from legally traveling to and physically congregating for the Convention.”

We’re working to plan a successful convention in Milwaukee and the resolution discussed today is an important first step to give the convention team maximum flexibility they need in this truly unprecedented moment in history,” DNC chairman Tom Perez stated at the gathering of the committee of the Rules and Bylaws.

The resolution advanced through the committee of the Rules and Bylaws unanimously, but the entire DNC has to cast lots.

The committee of the Rules and Bylaws on Tuesday also gave the nod to recommendations to make sure the states that held up their Democratic primaries because of the coronavirus are not deprived of delegates at the convention for departing from the authorized agenda.

The DNC is prepared to take any steps necessary in this constantly shifting public health crisis to protect the safety and wellbeing of its members, delegates to the Convention, the Convention’s diverse host community in Milwaukee, and the general public, while also ensuring that the Democratic Party is able to nominate its candidates for President and Vice President of the United States and support a robust program to elect those candidates,” the resolution says.

The current convention resolution doesn’t require an online convention or major social distancing actions that may cause a tinier assemblage.

Source: The Hill