Facial Recognition Technology enables a new kind of crime


They all involved drugging the victim, stealing their phones, and wiping out cash from their accounts. Facial recognition gave them access to their victim’s mobile banking apps. These criminals are also accused of stealing credit cards and other valuables from some of the victims.

Facial recognition serial killers

John Kelly, a criminal profiler and psychotherapist, says that these criminals are considered a type of serial killer. 

“In serial killing, there is a subtype called the comfort serial killer. It’s all about them seeking creature comforts. They don’t kill for sex. They don’t kill for power. It’s all about money. The subset includes people like hit men and people who kill repeatedly in the course of robberies,” he said.

“These guys are really sophisticated and pretty ruthless,” Kelly added. “They don’t push it on you; they’ll seduce you.”

Manhattan prosecutors recently secured indictments against a group of men concerning the deaths of two victims, John Umberger and Julio Ramirez. The indictment includes charges of murder against Robert Demaio and Jacob Barroso, along with robbery, grand larceny, and conspiracy for the group as a whole.