Florida Teen avoids death penalty pleads guilty to killing 13-year-old 


Larizza also reported that a knife found in the pond belonged to Fucci. And the knife’s blade was missing a tip later discovered in Bailey’s skull. Blood on the knife matched Bailey’s, Chief Medical Examiner Dr. Predrag Bulic added.

There was surveillance video of the suspect and victim walking in a nearby park. Fucci was shown later running away. And Bailey was missing.

According to the arrest report, blood was found on his clothes in his bedroom. And his story kept changing while he was being questioned by police. 

Investigators later confirmed that all the blood stains on Fucci’s clothes and shoes tested positive for Tristyn’s DNA. And DNA identified as belonging to Fucci was found on Tristyn’s body.

During the search of Fucci’s room, investigators also found a notebook that held violent drawings, including at least one gory drawing of a naked woman.

The suspect’s mother, Crystal Lane Smith, was also arrested in 2021. And was charged with evidence tampering. She is accused of trying to remove blood off her son’s jeans while the town was still searching for the missing girl.

St. John’s Sheriff makes a statement

According to Sheriff Rob Hardwick the guilty plea “is nothing more than a testament to the hard work and dedication of the exceptional men and women of the St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office,” the Facebook statement said on Monday.