‘Fortnite’ producer Epic Games petitions for return to Apple Store


‘Fornite’ producer Epic Games has petitioned the court to return to the Apple Store following the game’s removal from the Google and Apple stores.

Epic games shared user data with court, showing that roughly one-third of the game’s player base is generated through the Apple Store. According to Epic, approximately 116 million registered users in the game play it with some form of Apple iOS.

The recent motion follows an on-going legal battle between Epic and big tech, where it has been alleged that Apple and Google exhibited monopolistic practices by removing the smash-hit game from their app stores.

In the beginning, Fortnite was removed from both app stores upon discovering that Epic had used in-game purchases to skirt the 30% fee developers are required to pay as being part of their app store.

The legal battle is set to reach its final conclusion in late September. Both Apple and Google have defended their 30% fees claiming that they provide essential services to Fortnite users, including security and protecting user data.