FTC and FDA Warn Ten Companies over Unproven Diabetes Treatment Claims


2) Aceva, LLC- claims that its Sugar Balance product helps improve insulin sensitivity and blood sugar control.

3) Live Good Inc.-claims that its Berry Gen Sugar Control product improves the conditions of diabetic people. The company claimed that the product helps reduce blood sugar levels, control glucose, protect the pancreas, improve skin problems, and joint pain.

4) Holistic Healer & Wellness Center, Inc- claims that its Diabalance Diabetes Supplement is a vegetarian capsule containing bitter melon, bilberry, dandelion, and ginkgo biloba that “helps balance blood sugar levels for people with diabetes.”

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5) Lysulin, Inc. is selling “Lysulin Weight Loss Shake, Lysulin Diabetes and Prediabetes Chewables, Lysulin Diabetes and Prediabetes Liquid, Lysulin Diabetes and Prediabetes Capsules,” and Lysulin Diabetes and Prediabetes Powder” products.

The company claimed that Lysulin is “patented proven in a human clinical study to help people with diabetes and prediabetes maintain healthy levels of A1c blood sugar.”