Gas Prices Set to Reach $10 Per Gallon as Likely Recession Looms


For months on end now, high gas prices and inflation have been the ball and chain attached to the US economy.

Despite these ongoing problems, the White House is not employing measures to turn things around.

Joe Biden is still trying to rally Congress to spend more money. Meanwhile, the Interior Department recently cancelled oil and gas lease sales in both the Gulf of Mexico and Alaska.

Things will not improve so long as the current administration remains loyal to the policies that brought expensive gas and inflation into inception.

Now, chilling reports about gas that is soon to reach $10.00 per gallon, along with a recession in 2023, are details every American deserves to know.

What to know about $10.00 per gallon gas

Gas prices are soaring in the United States; this is driven by the Biden administration repeatedly keeping its foot on domestic energy production and other pro-energy policies.

Now, in Washington state, certain gas station pumps have begun undergoing reconfiguration for prices set to reach double digits.