General Motors Is “Dealing With Production Obstacles On a Weekly Basis”, Says CEO

General Motors Hummer
General Motors Hummer

General Motors is still solving production obstacles that will last into next year, CEO Mary Barra told CNBC’s Jim Cramer on Thursday.

“It’s gotten better this year than last year, but really this will go into ’23. … It’s going to take additional capacity,” Barra said in an interview on “Mad Money.” 

“But right now, it’s we solve issues and new issues pop up, and we’re just dealing with it on a weekly basis,” she added.

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The car manufacturer said in a filing earlier this month that supply chain issues will weigh down on its second-quarter earnings. GM has roughly 95,000 manufactured vehicles in its inventory that are missing specific components as of June 30, according to the filing.

Despite the supply chain disturbing the company’s production, Barra said that GM plans to ramp up its EV production.

“The Hummer, we’re out a couple years. We’re looking at increased production in the latter part of this year for the Hummer truck,” she said. 

The Hummer EV pickup truck is available for sale, but a high number of current reservations means new orders likely won’t be fulfilled until 2024, a company executive previously told CNBC.