Video released of Uvalde Police inaction during a deadly school shooting


In May, nineteen children and two teachers were killed inside a Robb Elementary School classroom while Uvalde police stood outside in a hallway. A video was leaked to the press before it was viewed by the victim’s families. Family members of the victims are demanding the accountability of law enforcement. 

The City of Uvalde and the Uvalde police department attempted to avoid making all information about the deadly mass shooting public.  This includes the 911 calls, bodycam footage, audio, calls, emails, and text messages. And they hired private attorneys to plead their case.


Shocking video of no response

The shooting has been the subject of multiple investigations. The Texas Department of Public Safety, lawmakers in the Texas House, and other agencies have been trying to understand the lack of police response.

The video shows that for 77 minutes police were listening to the gunshots outside the 4th-grade classroom. And did not respond.