Gillibrand’s Inner Circle Wants Her to Drop Out of 2020 Race


The 2020 presidential election has reached a point in the primaries where candidates are beginning to drop out. Thresholds to attend the third debate are higher than those for the first and second debates. Each of the candidates in the race knows that failure to make it to a debate stage serves as a major blow to their campaigns. Therefore, many individuals who know they won’t make the cut are simply blowing out now.

Kirsten Gillibrand is one of the candidates who is struggling to meet the required thresholds. At this point in time, she’s still trying to reach the milestone of 130,000 individual donors. However, many associates and friends of Gillibrand don’t think she has a chance of winning and maintain that she should bow out.

Why Doesn’t Gillibrand’s Inner Circle Want Her to Run?

In essence, friends and associates of Gillibrand believe that other endeavors would make for a more suitable use of her time. They believe that Gillibrand is best in the Senate and lacks the path and connection with others to win this presidential election.