Help Needed: After Mom’s murder in Las Vegas, North Texas Children want to come home


A heart-wrenching tragedy unfolded after a brutal murder in Las Vegas. Nydia Lopez-Garcia, a North Texas woman, was killed while on vacation with her three children.

The children, still reeling from the events, have been unable to return home to Mesquite, Texas.

Murder in Las Vegas

Last month Lopez-Garcia was vacationing in Las Vegas staying at the MGM Grand. Her ex-partner, Fernando Gomez, aged 42, now faces charges for her murder. 

Lopez-Garcia’s sister, Candace Garza described the events: “Her ex followed her here… or was here… I’m uncertain on that, but he found her and murdered her. The children were in a different hotel room. My sister fought to get back to the children. It was a brutal murder resulting from domestic violence.”

Child Protective Services (CPS) assumed custody of the children. And Garza immediately took a flight to Las Vegas, hoping to bring them back home. 

“They were released to me, but we’re not allowed to leave Clark County until the jurisdiction details get sorted out between Las Vegas and Dallas,” Garza explained.