How the “For the People Act” Would Irrevocably Change the Core Structure of Politics


According to widespread polls, both the left and right seek to address for a long time. Simply changing the type of government completely vs changing approaches to democracy within the structure of a republic may be dangerous in the future.

The For the People Act would require states to remove voter ID requirements. In place, individuals would complete a sworn statement attesting that they are who they say they are. It would make it “impossible for states to engage in bogus purging of voter rolls.” States could no longer stop people with felony convictions from voting after they’ve served their time.

This Act is giving mixed messages to a very torn nation. While most Americans seek correction of the system, the ‘For the People Act’ may be more For the Politicians. Gerrymandering would finally stop, but Super PACs could become more powerful.

Super PACs and special interest groups have long been a concern of the public. While the Act somewhat address these groups, it’s doubtful the act will remove these powerful players from the board. Matched and multiplied small donations would become commonplace rather than taking out the giants. Full removal of Super PACS and special interest groups while matching smaller donations would increase public power.