Ilhan Omar Calls for the Abolition of Customs and Border Protection


Controversies surrounding the treatment of migrants at the Southern border remain underway. Various Americans have different ideas on how to address the aforementioned concerns. Some people placed the onus on migrants who choose to illegally enter the United States. Others assigned blame towards officials at the Southern border.

House Rep. Ilhan Omar certainly falls into the latter category. The congresswoman sat down for an interview with BET Black Coffee yesterday. During this time, Omar spoke about her issues with Customs and Border Protection. Moreover, the congresswoman called for the complete end of this organization.

Why Does Omar Want to End CBP?

Per Omar’s own admission, she beleives CBP is a racist organization. She also stated that officials at the border harbor prejudice against minorities which impacts their treatment towards migrants.

These are talking points which many progressives make regarding situations at the Southern border. Omar and other left-wingers have also commenced calling for the abolition of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) within the past year.