Joe Biden Takes on Democrats Who Oppose Obamacare


As the 2020 presidential election goes on, healthcare is a critical subject matter. This is a topic which came up during last week’s second Democrat primary debate. Progressives and moderates argued with one another over preferrable forms of healthcare which the Democrat Party should support in opposition to President Trump.

Progressives overwhelmingly favor Medicare-for-All; moderates, on the other hand, view Medicare-for-All as too radical and are more amicable towards amending or expanding upon Obamacare. The opposition to Medicare-for-All is so strong in the case of frontrunner Joe Biden that he openly outed himself as “against” Democrats who don’t support Obamacare.

Biden 2020 on Obamacare

To say that the former vice president favors Obamacare would be an understatement. Per Biden’s own words, he believes that expanding upon the ACA and restoring the individual mandate are in the best interests of the American people. After Biden’s participation in the first Democrat debate, he made the following statements about Obamacare in a campaign ad: