Is John Morgan Planning a Surprise Run for U.S. Senate? Here are the facts:

John Morgan loves doing the unexpected.

John Morgan is anything but a predictable man. But, when he says he’s going to do something, he usually succeeds against all the odds. For that reason, political experts know to watch what he says very closely.

Last week, he announced that he wouldn’t run for Governor as a Democrat. Specifically, he said he can’t “muster enthusiasm for any of today’s politicians,” and that he plans to register as an Independent. When asked if he was denying the possibility that he’d run by POLITICO magazine, he said he wouldn’t run “as a Dem.”

In other words, he’s not ruling out a gubernatorial run as an Independent.

That alone is very indicative that the door is very much open for what many Democrats are hoping for – John Morgan for Florida Governor. Polling shows that Morgan, who’s not even an official contender for the Democratic nomination, out-performs the current candidates on the field.

That said, there’s another possibility that he may be after a different position altogether – one being currently occupied by U.S. Senator Bill Nelson.