Kabul Airport blasts, at least 12 US troops killed, 60 Afghans dead


Two deadly bombs detonated outside the airport during the chaotic evacuation of Afghanistan. It has been confirmed that the Kabul Airport blasts killed 12 US soldiers. And 15 are injured. Those numbers may climb. 

An Afghan health official confirms that at least 60 Afghans have been killed and at least 120 were injured.

The 12 US service members killed, included 11 Marines and one Navy medic, and 15 were injured in the two suicide bombing attacks.

Update: As of 10:00 pm CST on Thursday it has been confirmed that one of the wounded Americans has died. This brings the number of US personnel killed to 13. 

Pentagon Press Secretary, John Kirby said “We can confirm that the explosion at the Abbey Gate was the result of a complex attack that resulted in a number of US & civilian casualties. We can also confirm at least one other explosion at or near the Baron Hotel, a short distance from Abbey Gate.’

“A number of US service members were killed in today’s complex attack at Kabul airport. A number of others are being treated for wounds. We also know that a number of Afghans fell victim to this heinous attack,” he said.