Kamala Harris: Media Favors “Sound Bites” Over Substance


Approval ratings are not looking good for the Biden administration. Both President Biden and Vice President Harris each have disapproval ratings which are higher than their approval ratings. Furthermore, support for Biden has actually seen a consistent decline over the past four months.

As more issues arise with public safety, the U.S.-Mexico border, and inflation, Americans are worried. Meanwhile, the vice president has faced some controversies of her own.

Harris infamously took flak during the weeks and weeks she delayed visiting the Southern border. Once Harris did eventually head on down to the border, she didn’t even tour the areas suffering the strongest impacts from illegal migration.

In a recent interview, however, Harris had some choice words about the press.

Harris on the media’s coverage style

According to the vice president, the media is guilty of favoring “sound bites” over real substance, thoughts, and depth. Harris stated that the former gets rewarded, whereas the latter three are overlooked. The vice president made these comments during a sit down interview with The Atlantic.