Marco Rubio Criticizes Government Shutdowns as Bad “Leverage”


On Sunday, GOP Sen. Marco Rubio expressed his views on government shutdowns in the United States.

Reviewing Rubio’s St

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atements on Government Shutdowns

During an interview with CNN, the Florida senator spoke out about government shutdowns. According to Rubio, shutdowns are not “good leverage” or helpful for policy aims. The GOP senator stated these views in his own words:

“I don’t think shutdowns are good leverage. There’s been two shutdowns since the time I’ve been there, and the aggressor in neither one was the winner.”

Rubio also expressed confidence in the possibility of a resolution occurring without another government shutdown. He maintained that the White House is open to extending certain DACA protections in exchange for the $5.7 billion dollars required to build the border wall. Moreover, Rubio stated that the Trump administration is willing to make certain concessions on immigration; however, funding for the wall is a stipulation in order for the granting of certain concessions.

The Government Shutdown and the Border Wall

On Friday, the government temporarily reopened after the longest shutdown in the history of the United States. In order for government to remain open, Congress must put forth legislation which is acceptable to the president. Trump has repeatedly reiterated that funding for the wall is absolutely paramount. Democrats, however, maintain their steely opposition to providing any funds for the president’s promised physical barrier. At this time, the bill signed by President Trump will keep government open until February 15, 2019.