Mexico Formally Greenlights Abortion Access


Abortion continues to be a contentious issue, especially here in the United States and in other parts of the world. Nationwide, Americans have differing views about the appropriateness of abortion, whether or not a ban in all or most cases is acceptable, and more.

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Outside of the United States, other issues surrounding abortion, such as sex-selective and even forced terminations of pregnancy, are very real factors.

Ultimately, each country has its own say on abortion and can determine what it will and will not allow. Though in the case of Mexico, the nation just greenlit access to the procedure.

What to know about changes to Mexico’s abortion laws

Just yesterday, the Mexico Supreme Court opted to nuke each and every federal punishment for abortion. In doing so, the court also determined that women across the nation have the right to terminate pregnancies and any laws opposing this remain at odds with the constitution.

Amid this call, the Mexico Supreme Court also decreed the federal penal code can no longer include abortion. This means all Mexican national health bodies and public health services will legally have to provide abortion services to women seeking them.