Microsoft Wants to Make Peace with the Open Source Community

Fall at Lincoln College
Credits: Mark Gordon via Wikipedia

Microsoft announced that it is joining the Open Invention Network(OIN), allowing the community to openly use their 60,000 patented Linux technologies. Microsoft has historically been known for filing lawsuits against any company who tried to use any Linux software patented by Microsoft.

Microsoft has been working to improve its reputation within Silicon Valley as of late and has realized how vital open sourcing Linux products would be to help the industry grow. This shift started with theacquisition of LinkedInby Microsoft and the addition ofLinkedIn’s founder, Reid Hoffman to their board of directors. Prior to making these moves, Microsoft had found itself in questionable social standing with the rest of the tech community.

The company tended to avoid making important social connections, a grave mistake in an environment where many business deals occur over dinner, drinks and other social gatherings. By joining the OIN, they solidified their newfound position as a team player and are making strides toward repairing their reputation among their colleagues and fellow tech companies.