Nevada State Legislature Moves to Tackle Human Trafficking


The need for more concerted efforts against human trafficking in the United States remains alive and well. Despite certain misconceptions, human trafficking takes place in all 50 states. It’s not just a distant problem that only happens in remote or low-income communities.

There’s no doubt that awareness about human trafficking among the general public, training for workers in key occupations, and sting operations/arrests made by law enforcement each have a role to play.

However, laws on the books need to be made, amended, and tightened in order to combat and end human trafficking as well. Clearly, the current laws are not enough. If they were, human trafficking would not be on the rise in the United States.

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Thankfully, lawmakers in the Nevada Congress are working to help put an end to human sex trafficking.

A closer look at new measures by the Nevada state legislature

In Nevada, Senate Bill 89 has been proposed for human sex traffickers who make children their targets. Sadly, the rise of children being targeted for human trafficking is very well confirmed.